Emma Young  is a Cheese Specialist from London in the UK. She has worked in the Cheese industry since 2009 as a Cheesemonger and Manager for Whole Foods Market UK, Cheesemaker at Gringa Dairy and Wholesale Manager for Mons Cheesemongers.

Early on in her mongering career she spent every day off and opportunity possible visiting cheese makers and here permitted, making cheese with them all in the name of study. She has visited and made cheese with many British producers such as the likes of Joe Schneider at Stichelton Dairy, Jonny Crickmore at Fen Farm Dairy, Anne and Andy Wigmore at Village Maid, John Spencer at Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, Irene & Jan Dirk Van de Voort making Remeker in the Netherlands, several small cheesemakers in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon and a whole variety of French producers including Isigny, Ferme du Port Aubry in the Loire and the Borel family in Provence to name but a few. 


Even now she turns holidays and trips into bus man's holidays, perhaps more than ever. With this in mind she decided to start sharing her discoveries on her Instagram @thecheeseexplorer and it has finally led on to her now going solo and taking this on as a full time career.

Emma is an Academy of Cheese Associate, has undertaken the Guild of Fine Food's Charcuterie and Cheese Guild trainings and is a member of the Guild of Cheese Graders. She judges for the World, Global and International Cheese Awards alongside the Great Taste Awards and she has appeared as a 'Dragon' at Harrogate Show's 'Feed the Dragon'. 

She is quite partial to a beverage or three and has taken her Level 2 WSET as a foundation to embellish her love for pairing cheese and drink. 

Have a look through the site to learn about Cheese and get in touch if you want to collaborate.