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Cheese courses for professionals with Mons Formation

I am delighted to be working alongside Laurent Mons and Mons Formation from this year as their new Anglophone trainer in France. I will be teaching the Cheese Retail Courses with Laurent and we have dates live now.

Mons Formation

In 2005, the Mons brothers created a training centre as a hub to teach their specialism to other cheese professionals. The training centre, directed by Laurent Mons, teaches Cheese Retail and Affinage courses predominantly. The exclusive feature to these courses lies in the fact that the courses are all directly linked to the daily running of the company Mons Fromager Affineur. Not only do you learn the theory and practical elements behind the topics in question, but you get to see these in action and put them into practice immediately in a working business.

The Trainers

Laurent Mons

Mons Formation founder and Director Laurent Mons developed this curriculum as well as the curriculum for the French National Centre de Formation des Products Laitiers (the French National Dairy Products Training Centre) taught in professional hospitality schools. As the owner of 3 Mons shops and trainer for many large retailers and all Mons staff,  his expansive experience in retail is practical as well as theoretical. 

Emma Young

I am a cheese consultant & author based in the UK, also known online as ‘The Cheese Explorer’.  My cheese career started in cheese retail 13 years ago and my passion for selling cheese continues to this day where, as a consultant, I train businesses in the UK and across the globe in countries such as Bermuda & Saudi Arabia. My practical skills and methodology go hand in hand with Laurent's and we will make sure you have fun too!

Cheese Courses for professionals

There are two Retail Courses and I will be teaching these with Laurent Mons in February and June this year in the English language. The two courses are written at different levels - a foundation level called "Cheesemonger Fundamentals" and a managerial level called "Big Cheese".

The images below will give you an overview of the content for the foundation level cheese course for professionals.

Cheesemonger Fundamentals - retail cheese course for professionals

The Managerial Course is for advanced cheesemongers and those with their own businesses/opening their own businesses. The images below will show you an overview of the content for "Big Cheese".

Big Cheese - retail cheese course for managers or shop openers

The deadline for applications is 22nd January 2024 so make sure you reserve your place quickly as the class sizes are kept intimate. 


  • Big Cheese: 19th-23rd February 2024 (application deadline 22nd January 2024)

  • Cheesemonger Fundamentals: 24th-28th June 2024  (application deadline 27th May 2024)

Email to apply or for any further information.


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